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There are three forges in Kilculllen, town, Messers. Kelly, F french and Myers.
Each of them use similar tools inn work which are:
Sledge, hammer, anvil pinchars, punch, screw wrenchs, tongs, vice, bellows, rasps, puffer and several other small tools.
In the district there couple of others.
Messer Ivory and Moynahan.
Mr. F french makes horse : shoes, ass shoes, gates and grates.
In He repairs ploughs, grubber and harrows.
He also shoes wheels in the open air.
Mr. Myers' ancestors made shoes for the horses which used to draw the Beaconí cars.
Forge water, cures warts.
In Two Mile House there is an old black smith whose name is Mr. Moynahan and is 72 years of age and is still working.