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2020-07-26 22:33
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Attend you sports and heroes and
I wont detain you long,
The words are short and comical
That I have in my song.
For tis all about the races and
The the sights today you'll see,
So come unto the races and enjoy
A jolly spree.
So come unto the races and lots
Of fun you will see,
Each lad and lass as they do pass
Are bent upon a spree.
The thimble man is here in style and wheel
Of fortune too,
The three cards, and the Maggie Guns
And other games in view,
You'll see Aunt Sally here from Limerick
With a cup upon her head,
Dont strike her in the belly or you are
Sure to kill her dead.
The tents in great rotation with the names
Upon the top,
With a barsman at the counter, to know