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2020-08-09 22:48
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Long ago it was in Limerick the people used to sell their bonbhs and on account of no motor-cars that time the people used have to start off at about twelve o clock in the night in horses and cars to be there in time in the morning.
It happened that a man named Durac of this district started off to Limerick with a creel of bonbhs one night. He had not gone far when a heavy shower of rain came, and the man pulled in under a large shady tree in order to avoid it.
Then he heard singing and knowing the song he started whistling it. It was not long until a few men came out and started to abuse him. They brought him into a big court in which a Queen was seated in a Throne.
She asked him why was he whistling, and he said it was because he knew the song and liked it. Then she asked him to whistle it again so that they could