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2018-07-05 23:09
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a donkey's belly. It is said that if you have lost some hair off your head sheeps milk will make more hair grow. A good cure for the measles is to boil sheeps manure and milk and drink it. The best of all cures for the measles is when a calf is born she will spit a false tongue out of her mouth and that tongue is one of the best cures for the measles. This is another good cure generally used in this part of the country. If your nose happens to bleed lie down put a door key behind the back of your head and you will see that your nose will stop bleeding. A good toothache cure is to light a match and hold it under your tooth and the lighted match will take the pain away. It is said that if you bring an ass into the kitchen and give him a bit of bread and the crumbs that fall from that bit of bread give them to a child that is suffering from whooping cough and it will cure that whooping cough. A very good cure for a deep cut is to get a spiders web and put it on the cut. It will stop the cut from bleeding in five minutes. A good cure for a pain in your back is to strech yourself flat on level ground