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Mrs. O'Byrne (above mentioned) - from her mother who was told the facts from John Kavanagh Killincooley who died 48 years ago age 82:
Two fishing cots went out to fish on St. Martin's 11th Nov - between 1810 & 1820. There came a land wind storm and they were blown out to sea. They had no provisions and on the second night the crew of one cot fell asleep exhausted except one man who attributed his keeping awake to the chewing of tobacco.
Sometime during the second night they were blown on the 'Rocks of Wales' as they have it. The crew of this cot were saved. When thrown on the beach they struggled inland, saw a farmer's light. The household spoke no English and fishermen related that after having got the minimum of food (too exhausted for more) there was made for them a 'fol' (whatever kind of bed this is) where they slept till morning.
The bodies of their comrades were