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1. What walks with its head down:- (A nail in yor boot).
2. Why does a cat lick a plate:- ( because she cant pick it).
3. When does a hen pick a plate:- (because she cant lick it)
4. What has teeth and no head:- (a saw)
5. What has an eye and no head:- (a needle)
6. What has a head and n eye:- (a pin)
7. Why does a cow look over the wall:- (Because she cant look under it)
8. A man went up the hill with a bundle of sticks on his head and no one could count them but God:- (The hair of your head).
9. As I looked on the window one morning I saw the dead carrying the live:- (a man riding a bicycle)
10. What is the hottest day in winter:- (Sunday)
11. What goes to Dublin without moving (The Road)
12. Why does a miller wear a white hat:- (To cover his head).
13. Up chip cherry down chip cherry all the men in