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There is one holy well in this parish. It is situated in the townland of Derrydara. Between the two lady days, the 15th August and the 8th September, people come from all parts of the County to the well. The B.V.M is supposed to have been seen at this well. Several people have been cured at the well. Several relics are left behind at the well. Some people throw three stones into the well. Others put pieces of strings, rags, beads and medals hanging on a bush that grows beside the well. There is a story of a protestant man who put a wall round the well to keep the people from going near the well. After a short time the well burst up outside the wall. Several people tried to boil it, but could not do so. There was also another on All Saint's Island. When the monks were leaving their monastery on All Saint's Island, one of them knelt down