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In this district there was no such thing as a serpent or large animal. But there were stories told of water-horses. Once upon a time there was a mare grazing by the shore of a lake, when a water-horse came up out of the water to her, and went back again. the mare had a foal, and when the owner went to train him, he found it difficult. She used to run away with the cart and plough. He went to the priest and told him about it. The priest told him that if he ever cursed her, she would go away and he would never see her any more. The next day when he was letting her out from under the cart, he was taking off the winkers, when she threw her heels at him, "bad luck to you" said the man, she disappeared and was never seen any more.
Story about a cow.
One time a man had a white cow. She had so much milk that he did not know what to do.