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2018-08-27 12:04
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Once upon a time, two men lived in a little house, and their names were Jimmie and Jack. Jack was a wise man and Jimmie a fool. They had one cow. One day the cow was going to calve, and Jack was going to the wood to cut wood, and he told Jimmie to watch the cow. Jack started for the wood and he was'nt long gone, when the cow calved. Jimmie went out and the cow was licking the calf, and he thought the cow was going to eat the calf, so he went in for the axe and cut the legs from under the cow, and the cow died. When Jack came home, Jimmie told him all that hap happened. Jack was very vexed, and he said "What can be done now". I'm going to the wood to-morrow to cut wood and you can skin the cow, and we will have a bit of meat for every head of cabbage that is in the