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The pattern was held on the 8th September each year in honour of Blessed Virgin, and the church is called St Mary's for this reason. The festival was held all through the day. It was a general holiday, and everyone attended mass, and the priest preached a great sermon. From early morning, their was a procession of people consisting of tinkers, thick o' the loops, three card tricksters, and all kinds of gamblers. The standings, and all kinds of stalls were erected here other suitable places. All classes of sweets, sugar stick, peggy's leg, bulls' eyes, buns, and fruit offered for sale. Men with shooting galleres cried aloud, "Three shots a penny" and if you hit the Bull's eye, you get a free shot. There were tests of strength such as "Driving out the Lanlord" weight throwing. Froom noon on the crowds grew until it was one dense mass of people. There was one public house owned by William Bannon, now long dead. The men drank whiskey in noggins, and porter