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2018-08-01 21:52
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In the townland of Doire Glas, there is a fort and one time, long ago there were fairies in it. Near the fort was a house, and the ruins are yet to be seen. Every evening about six o'clock the fairies used to come in to the house, and go up in the parlour, and play music and dance, and at about twelve o'clock go back to the fort. This continued for a long time, but at last the people could stand it no longer, and the owner went to the priest about the matter. The priest came and tied his horse to a bush in the fort, and went into the house, when the fairies were leaving the house one of them took the saddle of the horse, and threw it up on the highest tree in the fort, the saddle remained there, as the tree was too high and could not be climbed. Once there was a man cutting bushes in the fort and he got a prod of a thorn in the hand and died from it. It s said there was gold hidden in it but no one ever found any of it.