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Keenaghan is a townland situated on the north-west side of the parish of Killallon in the county of Meath and adjoining the parish of Moylough.
Keenaghan derives its name from St. Keenan or Keenaghan who lived in a monastery here, the remains of which can still be seen.
The Benedictine order founded this monastery ( St Keenan was a Benedictine ) but it is not known locally at what time the saint lived. Close to the side of the old monastery is the ancient well of Keenaghan situated at the summit of a steep hill on the northern side of the remains of the old monastery. The monastery recieved its supply of water from this well and on account of its association with the saint and the monastery it is regarded as sacred or holy.
Overhanging the well is an old whitethorn bush and there are other old whitethorns growing singly adjacent to the well.