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In Dec. 1795 Father Michael O'Hanlon was appoined Parish Priest of the united parishes of Slane, Rathkenny, Gernonstown and Mountainstown.
He was educated at the Irish College Paris, and he was ordained a priest in the year 1780. On his return to Ireland he was appointed as Chaplain to a family named Caddell who lived at Harbourstown in the parish of Stamullen in South Meath.
Soon after getting this appointment the Caddell heir came of age and Father O'Hanlon was sent with him on a tour of France, because he spoke the French languange fluently.
At this time the French and English were at war. One day while Father O'Hanlon was sitting in his room at Paris he heard some noise and shouting in street outside. On looking out he saw a man running up and down the street shouting wildly, "My Lord Conyngham, does anybody know My Lord