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The Puck is a thing like a dog that roams about this district at night. It is told that in Slane castle, not far from here, there was a special house made for the Puck and it was the custom of the people of the castle to leave a dinner in it every night. It happened that a new maid came to the castle and she was told to leave the dinner in the house for the Puck and she asked what kind the Puck was and being told that the Puck was a large dog she said to herself that it was a shame to see such a grand dinner going to a dog so she changed meat for potato-skins and herring-bones and left the dish for the Puck. When the Puck came and found the dinner he got vexed and went to where the maid was sleeping and got her buy the heels and puller her down a long flight of stone steps saying as he pulled her,
Mollie Jones, Mollie Jones, pratie skins and herring-bones.
I'll dash your head upon the stones.
Mollie Jones, Mollie Jones.
At the same castle, one night a man went to steal a bag of turnips. When he