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2019-01-28 16:17
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The old people around here call the Bean Si. There are some families and when they die the Bean Si laments over them. One night a man was coming to the shop in Rushwee for some whiskey because his uncle was sick and when he was coming back with the whiskey at Rushwee cross he saw the Bean Si crying and sitting on the iron gate. She was dressed in a white cloak and she had red shoes and long white hair and she was combing her hair with a red comb. When he went home his uncle was dead and all that night the Bean Si kept on crying in the chimney.
Another night a woman was coming from milking late on a Summer's night and when she was about to get out the gap she saw the Bean Si dressed in red and she was coming her hair. When the woman had gone a little bit from her the Bean Si began to cry sadly.
When she got up the next morning her next-door neighbour was dead.