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2019-01-17 13:34
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There are two forges in this parish. The Smiths are Dick Farrell and Matthew Crinnion. Their people were blacksmiths for generations. There is one forge situated to the west of this school at a place called Gorman Lough. It is known as Flanagan's forge. It was used by that family till a few years ago and it is now used by Dick Farrell. The other forge owned by Matthew Crinnion is situated to the east of this school in the townland of Rushwee. In Mr Farrell's forge there is a clay floor, a hob with a water trough sunk on the top of it. The fire is on top of the hob worked by a bellows which is out at the back of it. There is an anvil close by on a stand. There is a rack on the wall for holding new shoes which he has ready for any horses that require them. This forge has a slated roof. There are two half doors in it. The bellows is very large in the ordinary shape of a bellows. It is worked by a handle that is resting