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2019-02-08 11:58
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We play football in this school, and hurling is never played round here. One of the games I play is "fox." Some lad is chosen to be a fox and the rest of us follow him through the fields until we catch him. Another game we play is "rounders." Here is the way we play it. There are four stones or corners a certain distance away from each other. There are two teams and they toss a penny to see which is in. The team that is in stands in row at one of the corners and the other team selects someone to bowl or to throw a ball to the team that is in. The team that is in hits the ball with their hands and run round to the other corners. If the person that hits the ball was able to get round to the corner opposite the one he left without being struck with the ball it would be a rounder. If the person was