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22nd September '38

In ancient times the young men and boys of this district played many enjoyable games, their favourite one being bowling, which was played by means of a metal bowl weighing over two and a half- pounds being rolled along the road.
Every Sunday immediately Mass was over all boys and even the labouring men, turned their faces to the great bowling centre Lisroe. Here they came from Inagh, Inch, Kilmihil, Lissycasey, Ballynacally, Connolly and Kanturk. On many a Sunday a large crowd came all the way from Gauras, east of Ennis led by a man named Halloran who was supposed to be one of the best bowlers of his day. Every Sunday the road was thronged with people most of whom were middle-aged men. But for about thirty years back this game has not been played and few of the players are still living.
Three or four men from one townland played against three or four from another