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1. A black cats blood should be rubbed to it
2. Rub the ring worm with the fasting spit
3. Get a lid of a mans pipe and scrape it. Rub the scraping to the ringworm.
Whooping Cough
1. Walk under a white ass three times
2. Someone belonging to the sick child should ask a white horseman what would cure it. The first thing he says will cure it.
3. If a father and mother have the same surname they can cure whooping cough.
Sore Eyes
1. Rub someones wedding ring to them. Make the sign of the Cross on the eyes with it.
2. A fasting spit cure sore eyes of an infant.
Sore Throat
1. Put hot dry salt into a woollen stocking and keep it around the throat.
2. Mix honey lemon juice and tartaric acid and eat it.
3. Tie a piece of silk around the throat.