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Story of the Fight at Burgatia House
I. R. A. Column in a Trap
With Their Backs To The Sea
Their Front and Flanks Open
To The Enemy.
In February, 1921 most of the small barracks occupied by the R. I. C. throughout West Cork had been evacuated owing to the attacks on them by the West Cork Brigade of the I. R. A.
In very few towns, except those garrisoned by English Military or Auxiliaries, did the British attempt to retain a police barracks. The only one I can call to mind was the barracks in Rosscarbery.
This seaside village is situated about eight miles from Clonakilty, 12 miles from Dunmanway, and 13 miles from Skibbereen. Clonakilty and Skibbereen were then British military posts, whilst about a hundred Auxiliaries occupied the