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One night a man was out late and he met four men under a coffin coming across a sliabh. He put his hand under the coffin to help them. They at once left down the coffin on the ground. The man was frightened and did not know what to do.
After a while he ventured to open the coffin. Inside it he saw a young girl who was asleep. He called the girl and woke her up. He then brought her with him to his house. The girl was unable to speak. She was in the house for some days without uttering a word.
One evening as the man was going for the cows he heard a voice saying, "Give her a spoon of that; it will make her talk." Just then a white ball fell near him. When the man went home he gave the girl a spoon of the substance of which the ball was made and immediately she was able to speak.
She asked him where she was and in what county the house was. He told her that it was in the County Galway. She told him then that her father and mother used always to be at the fair in Ballinasloe. He got ready the horse and cart and took her away to the fair to meet her father and mother.