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Brookfield, Contractors."
The construction extended over a period of four years. A resident in Lanesborough - a reliable authority - informed the present writer that:- "The labourers who worked at the cutting of the ford and the erection of the bridge received in wages 4 Shillings per week. They lived on potatoes and milk: They paid one shilling per week for three meals a day. They were a fine, strong, healthy body of men."
In. - 1000. A causeway was constructed across the ford. 1140. A bridge of hurdles was constructed. 1572. The ford is referred to as the "Ferry of Annaly, hence we may infer the 1140 bridge had disappeared. 1620. Sir Patrick Barnwall had a ferry crossing the ford. 1690 Colonel O'Reilly broke down the bridge when retiring from the eastern to the western side of the river