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A cock hatched in the month of March, was popularly regarded a 'luck bird' and here safety was attributed at the time to the 'March Cock'. Thady Murray, a flax merchant from Kilmacknany, Curraroe, and Mrs Hanly wife of a cooper in Kilteevan, were among those who perished. Mrs. Hanly and hustand were well known as coopers through Roscommon, their wares were highly prized and in many instanes handed down as heirlooms from mother to daughter. The evening before the fair these two arrived in Ballyleague where they lodged for the night, intending to cross over the river next day. In the morning Mr. Hanly took a walk along the river banks before breakfast. Besides being an excellent cooper he was also a 'prophecy man'. He did not like the appearance of the weather. He noticed signs that Simon Hanly was stirring