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2018-11-28 11:27
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One time when the Railway was being repaired a man was employed as night watchman. His work was to watch the trains and signal to them that all was clear. He had to carry a lantern for the purpose. One morning when the men came to work, they found his body on the line. The real facts of his death were not known, but it was thought that he had been killed by a train.
That is years ago, but to this day a light is seen in the place where his death occured. Sometimes it is seen waving to and fro. At other times it moves as if held by an invisible hand. There are very few people in the locality, but have seen this strange sight. The people have become so used to it now, that they scarcely mind it.
This light is seen at Sheehan Bridge about two and a half miles from Athy.