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1 Harry Spring
2 Gortavillin, Fieries, Farranfore, Co Kerry
3 11 1/2 years
4 School pupil
5 Gortavillin
6 Willie Kelliher
7 60 yrs
8 40 yrs
9 Clounmellane
10 16.1.36
A Púca Story
Long ago there lived a man in Clounmellane, who could not go out at night, but a púca would run out between his two legs and carry him off on his back and throw him into a clump of briars. This night the man went out with spurs on him, and the púca ran between his legs and took him up on his back. The man worked the spirs on the púca until he was nearly dead. He then withdrew the spurs, and he came off the púca's back, and he walked home. The man came out the next night again, with the spurs on him. He met the púca, and asked him