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Who went up to Connemara to buy a pony. The fair was over when he went and he got no pony. There were no trains no motor-cars or no conveyances of any kind that time he had to do it all on foot. There was one man who had an old grey horse and he had something like a slide (?). He used to draw people into the next town and if he had only one man he would lot think it worth his while going. I headed out on foot.
There was a man told me that if I would go a near-cut the mountain I would throw off nine or ten miles. I went astray on the mountain I was astray for half of the night. I seen a light far away and I went to it. I got to the house it was a small wee house thatched with heather and I could hardly stand straight in it. I knocked at the door.
The came an old woman to the door and opened it "Who are you" "I am a poor man who is off his path" "Speak easy for fear the men would come in."
There was a dead sheep lying on the floor. These men were at a work I don't