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The above are townlands in the parish of Glenflesk, Killarney and separated by a third called Cnoc an Imiris. Harry Murphy his wife four sons and five daughters lived in a fairly large farm at Cnoc an Earbhaill 100 years ago.
He owned a black mare - a valuable one but the owner was not aware she was quite as valuable as she was. Mr Herbert was landlord and on a visit from his agent to collect rent the mare was noticed and subsequently requisitioned by him for his offer.
Harry defintitely refused and as a result was evicted from his home in Cnoc an Earbhaill. He soon after settled in Cnoicín a' Ghabhann and brought the mare to her new home. He did not enjoy his home here very long. He got sick and lingered for a few weeks. During his illness he often spoke of the mare and ordered she was not to be sold for money. He died but for some nights previous galloping of horses and falling stone fences were plainly heard by members of his family