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Hedge School
There was a school in a barn in Fenit Island and a grand-uncle of Michael Flaherty's named Morgan Flaherty was teaching in it. He was a small lame man but he had great brains. He used teach sums, addition and subtraction, the "A, B, C" in English and Irish in the barn. All the boys and girls from the district used go to him to be taught.
They would have the subject written on slate and he would examine his pupils one by one, There was a chair in the barn in front of a fire and according as he would examine each pupil, the pupil would sit on the chair and the teacher stand behind him.
When they would have one subject off clearly then the teacher would give them another subject to write on their slates.
Morgan Fitzgerald
I got this story from an old man by the name of Daniel King of Taulaught, Fenit, Tralee, Co. Kerry.