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Once upon a time an Irish boy went to Denmark to earn his living. He found work with a very rich farmer.
One night as the farmer and the Irish boy sat by the fire telling tales, the farmer told the boy, he would pay his way to Ireland, and that in a certain cave in the County Mayo he would find a little box. He told him that a black cat of great size and strength minded this box day and night, and that anyone going near this box would be attacked by the cat.
Near this cave - about twenty yards away - a little stream ran. He told the boy that if he got across the stream he would be safe from the cat. Before he went, the man made a vow that he would not open the box till he came to Denmark again.
The foolish boy came to Ireland and watched the cave. One day, when he saw the cat asleep, he snatched the box and made off. When he crossed the stream he looked back but the cat was still asleep.
He went to Denmark with the box, which