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corners of the house and on the door in honour of St Martin that they will not suffer from any disease.
In the olden times in this country the people were very superstitious on May Day. It is said that when the people used to be going to a fair on a May Day with cattle that they used to tie a horse shoe nail on each beast. This was done to prevent the fairies from bringing away the cattle. There was a popular custom on a May morning long ago. It is said that the people used to get up before the sun would arise and they used to wash their faces in the dew. They used to continue this for nine mornings and it is said that the sun would not burn their skin throughout the summer. The people of some houses do not give anything away on May Day because they believe that the luck of the house goes with what they lend. If a coal is taken off the fire on a May Day it is said that a sod of turf should be put on in its place.
There is a very old custom still carried out on the twelfth night. There are twelve candles obtained and there are three put on