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Stone (still plain to be standing erect) with cross visibly cut thereon. Where mass was said in Penal Days.

Hill of the piggeries - supposed to get its name from the famous "Black Pig" which spent a fabulous length of time here rooting up a boundary between Annaly and Breffny.
This "Valley of the Black Pig" travels on in a South Westerly direction towards Ballinamuck (name also derived from same pig I suppose) where some say he was supposed to be killed while others claim he continued his course in same valley on to Rooskey Bridge where he got drowned. In my own time I remember the old people saying that anyone living within the boundary of that "valley" would be safe from "Orange Insurrection" which according to Columbcille's prophecies is supposed to ravage the countryside at some particular time.

TULLY - Tulach townland where I live name supposed to be got from conical shaped hill as certainly the shape of the townland resembles one.