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Q. The man that made it never wore it man that wore it never seen it.?
A. A coffin.
Q. What goes around the wood and around the wood and never goes into the wood?
A. The bark of a tree.
Q. What is cut at the table and never eaten?
A. A pack of cards.
Q. What has an eye and cannot see?
A. A needle
Q. A car went up the road with three men in it, two white men and one black man, if the two white men ate the black man what number was the car?
A. 281.
Q. Its neither inside and its neither outside?
A. The frame of a door.
Q. Why does an ass eat thistles
A. Because he is an ass.
Q. What is the principal part of a lion?
A. His main part.
Q. Why is the heart of a (lion) tree like the tail of a dog?
A. Because its behind the bark.