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A story
There was a man one time who lived in Killargue too and his name was Jimmy Rourke. He used to cart oats to Sligo every night. This day he was going to Mall with his cart of oats when the horse fell on the street and was apparently dead. The animal was dragged into Maurice McNulty's yard to be skinned. When the skinning operation was half performed the horse began to move. So Jimmy went down to the market for two bundles of hazel rods replaced the skin back on the horse and bound it to the body with the hazel rods brough the animal home and turned him out to grass. Every year he took as much hazel rods off the horse's body as was sufficient to scollop all the houses in the townland so that he made a big fortune out of the horse that was once dead.
Margaret Mc Ginley, Drumshanlish, Dromahair.
Mrs. M. Hamilton, (same address)