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2017-11-02 00:53
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About fourteen years ago there was a big flood in this district. It was in the month of July and the people were not expecting it. It came very suddenly.
It was about seven oclock one evening when it came and it flooded all the lands around the rivers. It flooded James Gallagher's land and it came into the house. At that time a miller lived beside them and when he saw their house about to be swept away by the flood he went in and bored holes in the walls to let the flood out. If he did not the house would have been swept away. The Gallaghers were out on a hill nearby.
Two years ago there came a big flood down Corranmore. It destroyed before it. It swept away John McSharrys potatoes and his corn. It brought down a big stone perhaps fifteen tons weight and left it in front of Terrence Kerrigan's house. The people in Terry Kerrigans were standing on stools.