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This name is given to a hollow about 1/4 [?] north of Edenville school. A small stream crossed by a stone bridge flows through the hollow and separates the town lands of Edenville & Gubacreeny.
The story of how this place got its name was told by James Gallagher of Mullinaleck who is now 84 years of age.
O Ruarc, chief of Breffni and O'Donnell Chief of Tirconail were enemies at one time and were making war on each other.
O Ruarc found out that some of his secret orders were somehow made known to O Donnell in Ballyshannon. He therefore suspected a spy in his own camp, that someone from Breffni was conveying news to O Donnell.
He therefore set two of his trusted men to watch the road which was the main thoroughfare from Breffni to Tirconnaill. The two men concealed themselves in this hollow about a quarter of a mile from the River Drowes