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2015-10-19 03:51
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Old people will tell you the signs for good and bad weather. (For good weather) To see the sun setting clear and red and no clouds in front of it. The sun rising in the morning clear and the sky around it clear. If the moon is clear without [?]. When you see mist going out the mountains form the low-lands. The birds fly high in the sky when the god weather is approaching. The weather-bleath is calling out at night-fall. The robin singing high up in the trees. The shadow of the bushes in a lake. The crane flying to the North.
(Signs for bad weather)
If you see a horse playing and trying to keep himself warm. The robin singing at the bottom of the bush. To see the swallow flying low. The donkey standing with his back to a bush. The smoke to puff back down the chimney. A rain-bow in the morning. To hear the guinea mal.