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Once upon a time there was always a long black hand seen near Ballindereen.
It appeared always in the same place.
Anybody that tried to pass the hand would surely be killed.
One night there was a dance not far from the place. At the dance they were talking about the strange hand. They said it was the hand of a priest who was murdered there in the penal times.
The owner of the house told them that he would give his daughter to whoever would go and fight with the hand.
For a long time there was silence. At last one brave fellow plucked up his spirits and volunteered to go and fight.
The other people advised him not to go that it was not safe to go and fight with such a mysterious hand. But he was a courageous fellow and nothing would prevent him from going. So he went.
When he reached his destination the black hand was still there. He stood there for a moment looking at the object