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Long ago the people were very superstitious They believed that some people could take the luck of butter for the year by taking some milk from another person's cows on May morning. One time a man lived in Carron who had three cows. No matter how long he stayed churning he could not make the butter.
One day while he was churning a man came in and helped him at it but they could not make it. Then he said to him that the luck of the butter must be taken and he told him to watch the cows on May morning.
On May morning the man went out and brought his gun with him. About six o'clock he saw a hare coming. He sat under the cow and drank some of the milk and then went away. The man fired a shot at him and wounded him. The hare stayed going and the man followed him and he saw him going into a little house. He went in after him and looked around the kitchen trying could he see