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List of animals :- Horses, cows, sheep, goats, calves cats (and) dogs and pigs
List of Fowl :- Hens, Ducks, Turkeys, Geese, Guine[a] hens and Bantom fowl
Many of the animals have names. Some of the names that are on horse[s] are as follows: Jack, Billy, Bobstone, Diamond[,] Dan, Scotcher, Daisy, Peggie, Mag, Susan, Fanny Lily Kitty. Other horses are named according to their size or colour such as the Little Mare or the Chestnut Horse.
The names that are on some of the cow[s] are Snowy. Blackie, Browny. Whitey, Bawny. Polly. Biddy, Violet, Rose, Snowdrop. Some cows are also named according to their size or colour.
Bill is generally the name for a bull. The following names are put on calves, Sambo, Charlie, Jerusalem and Christmas Daisy.
The following are the expressions used in calling the animals and fowl: horse= Pu hu[,] cow = Prug, calf= Suck, goat= Jinnie or Nanna,