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2018-10-11 22:10
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When the wake is ended the corpse is put in a coffin .Just before the lid is put on the coffin all the friends of the corpse gather around the bedside and recite the Rosary. When the Rosary is finished all the relations kiss the corpse and then the lid is put on the coffin. Then four men carry it on their shoulders out the door. The feet of the person goes out first. Long ago the coffin on a bier or sometimes four men carried it on their shoulders. The coffin is always brought the longest way and around by the dead person's house to the graveyard. The coffin is also carried around the graveyard before being buried. Usually when a coffin is being put down in the grave hay is put over the coffin so that when the clay is being put in the grave it will not make noise.
George Carr