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2018-10-09 17:07
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On St Stephens day many of the local boys go from house to house as "Wren Boys". At each house they recite a poem. Here are some of them.
Mr is a worthy man
And to his house we brought the "Wran"
The "Wran" the "Wran" as you may see is
guarded up on a holly tree
A bunch of ribbons by his side
And the "Wran Boys" to be his bride
Haray me boys Haray.
O Dreoilín. Ó Dreoilín where is your nest?
It is in the wood that I love the best
Under the holly and ivy tree.
Where the "Wran Boys" came hunting me
They hunted me up and they hunted me down.
And in the wood they knocked me down
Haray me boys haray.
On Christmas day I turned the spit
I burned my finger and I feel it "yit"
Between my finger and my thumb