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Sometimes around Mulhuddartt when a person is dying the relations of that person hear the "Bean Sidhe". This ghostly woman has also been seen several times. She had a white dress and had long dark hair which covered her back. She is not heard at everybody's death because she only follows certain families. It is said that where she passes over she leaves a trace such as a nail, a hair pin or a comb. Some of these things have been found and the finders burned them. The "Bean Sidhe" has been heard in the following places: Powerstown, Parslickstown, Macetown and in the village itself. The following are a list of those who have heard the bean sidhe: Mrs Reilly, Mrs Critchley, Miss Carr, Mr Carr, Mr Caffrey and Mr Critchley. This ghostly weeper was heard at the death of the following people: Mrs Byrne, Miss Cummins, Mrs Coleman, Miss Carr, Timothy Carr, William Carr and Mr Caffrey.
One night many years ago some men from the village went out to capture the "bean sidhe". They brought with them a gun. They found her along the river and they followed her. After