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In olden times people had to live very economical. Their money was scarce and the expences they had to meet curtailed very much in their food. They ate three meals a day breakfast, dinner and supper.
Breakfast was taken at eight o'clock in the morning, dinner at one and supper at seven in the evening. Men went to work at six o'clock in the morning and stopped for breakfast at eight. The breakfast was brought to the men in the field and they ate it after working two hours. The breakfast consisted of fried wheaten bread and dripping. Potatoes were only eaten at dinner. Milk was drunk - butter mild and skimmed milk. Bread which was eaten was home made wheaten bread. Bread was made with flour, wheatenmeal and buttermilk and baked on a griddle. Meat was not eaten often but when eaten it was salted. The meat eaten by poor people was "American Bacon". Fish and vegetables were eaten. In those days people used a lot of garlic and Horse Radish and Watercress. The people did not eat