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Wrestling matches were held around Mulhuddart long ago. The contests were held at Cloghran and in Mrs Harfords field both places being north of the village. Mr Carr is one of the surviving wrestlers. The prizes for the winner of the contests were belts and gartars. The prizes were presented by the Harness Maker of the village.
There were also boxing contests around Mulhuddart. Many of the men of the village would meet in a field on a Sunday. There were several fields in which they met. All of the men subscribed and porter was bought with it. The crown of men were divided into two and each side had an equal number. A man from each side boxed and then another two boxed and so on. When all the men had boxed the side with the most winners won and each man of the winning side received a half of a gallon of porter. The boxers fought bare knuckled for in those days