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There are four graveyards in this parish, namely- the graveyard attached to St. Columba's R.C. Church, Drung ; the Protestant graveyard attached to Redcastle Parish Church ; the graveyard attached to St. Patrick's R.C. Church, Iskaheen ; and the Presbyterian graveyard attached to the Presbyterian Church at Greenbank. ( Greenbank is a place along the main Derry-Moville road, a short distance above Quigley's Point.
The most convenient of graveyards to this district is the one attached to St. Columba's Catholic Church, which is adjacent to Drung National School.
As a matter of fact there are three graveyards surrounding the church,- the lower or "old" graveyard, the middle graveyard, and the upper or " new" graveyard- but all are combined or united in one by a neat stone wall.
Most of the graves have "tombstones" or "headstones" as they are locally called; any of the graves that have no "headstones", have a stone placed at the head and feet, to mark its position.