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Quigley's Pt.,
Co. Donegal.
19th Jan. 1938.
Local Sayings and Proverbs.
1. As poor as a church mouse.
2. As poor as Job's cat.
3. All together like Browne's cows.
4. As yellow as a duck's foot.
5. As white as the driven snow.
6. As clean as a new pin.
7. As clear as crystal.
8. As black as tar.
9. As blind as a hatchet.
10. As deaf as a drum.
11. As big as Samson.
12. I got what Davy shot at the Lough.
13. As hoarse as a drake.
14. As long as Pall Strand.
(Pall Strand is the strand above Quigley's Point on Lough Foyle.)
15. As straight as a rush.
16. As good as gold.
17. As blue as a blue-bag.
18. As fat as a butcher.
19. As old as the hills.
20. As sure as shooting.