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Ranny Hill is situated a little bit south East of Kerrykeel. The following gives an account of the last battle fought between two religeous parties in this district.
This is what caused this battle. One fair day there came a little boy into the fair with an orange lily in his coat. As he was going along he met an old woman, who got hold of him, and took the lily out of his coat, and tramped it under her feet. Then the boy struck her on the head and felled her.
Then there were some men who ran after him and put him out of the fair, and they ran after him until they put him into a house at Ranny. There, a man named ODonnell said that he would fight for the boy, so there was a little stream near by, and ODonnell said that he would shoot any man who dared cross the stream and he pointed the gun at them.
Then a man named Mac Gounigle from Corky ran and as he was jumping over the stream ODonnell shot him. ODonnell had very little ammunition and so he had to flee.