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they could see some figures in the dim light. On coming nearer they were horrified to discover two corpses one handing on either side of the wall, - one that of the recently buried Mr. Williams and the other that of the body-snatcher.
What had happened was this: The bod snatcher proceeded to Crooke Churchyard with a large potatoe 'kish' for the body. He had the kish fixed on a across his forehead with a rope so that none would suspect his load to be anything suspicious. He secured the body and deposited it in the kish, carried the kish on his back - in the usual fashion - suspended from a rope balanced across his forhead.
Apparently he stopped with his back to the bridge to rest his load on the low stone wall. With a sudden jerk the rope slipped from his forehead to his neck - the heavy kish hung over the wall of the bridge and tightened the rope across the throat of the unfortunate man and hanged him. In this position the two men found him. Horrified at the dreadful sight the men were