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In February 1884 a sailing vessel named "The Venisa B" bound from Rio De Janere to Liverpool with a cargo of crockery, delph, mettle pot, skillets and pans. She was blown in a Southerly gale on the rocks under Cliff Lodge near Ballymacaw. She had a crew of 29 on board and all were lost. It was a 11pm when the wreck happened and in the morning great alarm was soon spread and all the people of district both young and old ran over the cliffs to the scene of the wreck. All the dead bodies of the men were seen floating around. All the people got pots, pans, and crockery, but when the Coast Guards heard it they came over and would not let the people take any more. It was very hard to get down the steep cliff. One man came from Waterford to buy crockery. He fell down the cliff and was killed and the people of the district had a hard job to get him up. Some of the bodies came ashore on a little beach there and the people took them and buried them in Rathmoylan Church Yard. They did not know what faith the men were. When the vessel was about to sink she split in two and one part sank and the other was washed ashore on the beach. it was said that if the men had remained in