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The following are some of the local beliefs with regard to the weather.
1. Signs of good weather are observed in the sky the moon the sun and the stars.
If there is a mackerel coloured sky when the sun is setting.
If there is a full rain bow from one end the sky to the other.
When clouds are moving quickly from the North.
When we have a red sky at, or after the sunset.
When the sun sets in a very red ball of fire.
When the sea makes very little noise when splashing against the rocks
When the plough may be seen in the sky
2. Signs of bad weather.
Where there is a circle around the moon.
When the moon seems dull because of a fog blowing over it.
When the moon seems to us to be on its back.
When the clouds are moving quickly from the South.
If the sun shines brightly shortly after it rises in the morning.
When the sea is heard in the distance